I┬áhad my first “I’m not doing enough, what if my kid gets behind?” moment the other day.

It actually knocked the wind out of me.

It was over a really simple small motor skill that I was surprised Nicolas couldn’t figure out.

I went to bed thinking about it and got up the next day determined to help him master the skill w an activity I made for him.

Basically I realized the next day what a freak I was being.

Here I am an “expert” in Early Childhood Development/Education.

I should know better.

One if my dearest friends posts this quote on Facebook and the timing could not have been more perfect.

I really need to relax and just enjoy EVERY little moment, it’s not a race and all kids develop and grow at their own pace.

And I really do know better.

I just forgot for a minute.

I’m so thankful for my “mommy tribe” who seem to know when I need to hear the exact right thing.

Oh. And he did end up mastering the motor skill. As evidenced here.

(But that’s not really the point if this post)