Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap!!!

CLOSED no more room!!


Due to the AMAZING response I am no longer taking RSVPs, thanks to everyone who signed up!

Back by popular demand: Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap!!

My last swap was such a HUGE success that I decided that it was time for another!

If you want to participate please CAREFULLY read ALL of the rules:
1. by signing up you are committing to do the following:
a. be able to be in constant communication with Mamarazzi via email (if I send the group an email I need a response within a few days please, it is too stressful wondering if things got lost in cyber space, the key to a successful swap is communication with ME!)
b. put together an amazing package of YOUR favorite things. This should be a package that you yourself would LOVE to receive (I didn’t think this would need clarification but I read something funny in a comment on someone else’s blog…you don’t fill it with the favorite things you already have you go buy new stuff and send that…like a brand new tube of your favorite mascara, a new copy of your favorite book or movie etc. Everyone clear?).
c. the contents of package should cost no more than $30 but be at least $20 total (not counting shipping) I came to this amount after a 2 people got less than thoughtful packages after sending out beautiful well thought out packages to their partners, and from feedback on how things should be done the next time…i feel this is fair.
d. send package ON Monday March 2. (if you need to send sooner please let me know)
2. RSVP by grabbing the super cute button and posting about the swap on your blog and coming back and linking THAT post here to Mr. Linky. This is the ONLY way I am going to accept an RSVP…I need to make sure that everyone is fully committed. Please understand that I personally have been on the crappy side of NOT getting a package from my partner when I participated in a gift exchange hosted by another blogger. I want to make sure that there is not ANY way that someone can be left out, overlooked or gypped on a swap that I am hosting, not gonna happen!!!
3. Get your RSVP in BEFORE Friday Feb 13…I also have a certain number in mind for the amount of people I am willing to organize this for. So get that RSVP in FAST!
 Once you have posted on your blog about Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap please send me an email @ never2pink at yahoo dot com with the following information:
a. Real name and Address
b. blog address (must have blog to participate, if private must be willing to “invite” partner to read blog)
c. email address
d. food or product allergies
e. would you be willing to ship internationally? (this is an additional cost, please keep that in mind)
A-D will be shared with your swap partner. The SAME person who you GIVE to is the person you will RECEIVE from…no secrets here, just pure FUN!
5. Once you receive your package in the mail create a post using pictures on your blog. Be sure to link your partner and Dandelion Wishes (you can just use the button again). I will have a Mr. Linky for everyone to use so we can all hop around the blogsphere checking out everyone’s loot!

For an example of what exactly you are signing up for please see this post…there are also lots of links to some of the people who played too…AWESOME!!


CLOSED no more room, sorry!!



I also want to thank April from Bloggy TLC for creating the super cute button for my swap, could you just die over Jordan’s little mail bag and hat?! April is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G…she is also VERY affordable, so if you have been thinking about a bloggy makeover SHE is most def your girl, check her out! AND bonus if you mention Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap she will give you 50% off your order…now THAT is awesome!