Happening Now

I was doing REALLY well keeping up w our private blog, for a couple of months..
Then we had a devastating loss.
The little boy we were Fostering and were hoping to adopt was placed with a distant relative.
We found out one day and he was gone the next. No notice. At. All. Just gone.
To say our world was rocked is a serious understatement.
But we KNOW that the Foster Adopt program is how we are going to add to our family.
So even though our faith was shaken for a minute we decided to press forward.
We have fostered 6 children since December 2012.
We are now in the process of ADOPTING this little guy. 
He has been with us since March and his adoption will be final in September.
The CRAZY thing is that he looks EXACTLY like Big Daddy.
God had His hands in this one, my friends.
This is just the beginning of our happily ever after.
I cannot wait till everything is final so I can show you ALL of  his cute face.
Speaking of faces, mine has looked like THAT since I found out he was being placed with our family for adoption.
Seriously. Every. Picture.
I look like I am going to EAT my baby…sometimes I just nibble on him, he is delicious!!
Anyway, I felt like I needed to do a quick update. 
I am feeling more like blogging again. 
It may have something to do with the fact that I get to see my two bloggy besties MiMi and Myya next week.
Big Daddy has a little business trip and Little Boo, Coco and I are tagging along, so we get to hang out with the girls and their families.
MiMyMa…mini style! Woot!!
We are still Fostering and even though Adoption is our end goal we plan to help as many kids as we can along the way.