Mom Fail? Nope.

I┬áhad my first “I’m not doing enough, what if my kid gets behind?” moment the other day.

It actually knocked the wind out of me.

It was over a really simple small motor skill that I was surprised Nicolas couldn’t figure out.

I went to bed thinking about it and got up the next day determined to help him master the skill w an activity I made for him.

Basically I realized the next day what a freak I was being.

Here I am an “expert” in Early Childhood Development/Education.

I should know better.

One if my dearest friends posts this quote on Facebook and the timing could not have been more perfect.

I really need to relax and just enjoy EVERY little moment, it’s not a race and all kids develop and grow at their own pace.

And I really do know better.

I just forgot for a minute.

I’m so thankful for my “mommy tribe” who seem to know when I need to hear the exact right thing.

Oh. And he did end up mastering the motor skill. As evidenced here.

(But that’s not really the point if this post) 

His Way

This kid is a constant blur.

He is always so busy “working”.

Moving. Stacking. Lining things in rows.

It is a rare thing to see him sitting still. It’s like he wakes up with a list if things to accomplish and is not stopping until he has checked it off his To Do list.

Today he was ALL about balancing balls.

I love this age.

I also know that this is my golden opportunity. I need to pounce on this “sense of order” thing and seize the teachable moment.

The art of “pick up and put away”.


Right now Nico loves to help pick up and put away toys.

He thinks it’s a game.

All those months of organizing his toys for him are paying off. He KNOWS where things go and he is actually putting them in their place.

Yep, this is big stuff for my little guy.

I’m one proud mama.